> Hello Everybody,
> I have got 2 problems to be solved on the radiator and I will be
> pleased to get your experiences and solutions.
> 1. I have installed the radiator on Nt Server and achieved to
> authenticate the users of our customer (Our customer is an ISP).But
> they were using another Radius program for their users and when the
> users try to establish a connection to the access server of the ISP
> there is a setting at the options of the dialup networking which is
> "bring up the terminal after the connection". this option was not
> chosen and they were using the username and password of the windows
> screen of dialup networking. After my installation and the achivement
> of the authentication of my test users, I have noticed that the users
> of our customer cannot access into the access server cause of not
> choosing the" bring up the terminal after the connection". All my
> tests were containing this option and I had not seen any problem. What
> can we do to solve that problem without changing any settings at the
> users?(Because there are lots of users)
> 2. After the authentication, I want to use the accounting of a
> specific user on the NT Server using the radacct.cgi file . I'm using
> Nt server's IIS and what are the ımportatnt points for an accounting
> of a specific user?
> Thanks.
> Project Engineer
> TURCom Communications
> +902122576238

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