Hello Murat,

The answer is the same: You have your NAS configured so it prefers to do CHAP
over PAP, but radiator is not able to do CHAP authentication with an NT user

You must change your NAS configuration so it uses PAP.

Hope that helps.


On Jun 11,  4:05pm, Murat Kirmaci wrote:
> Subject: RE: (RADIATOR) terminal screen& accounting
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> On Jun 10, 12:14pm, Murat Kirmaci wrote:
> > Subject: RE: (RADIATOR) terminal screen& accounting
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> > Hello,
> > As you remember we have two problems
> > 1. For " bring up the terminal after the connection" problem I have
> > attached the logfile and the detail file.
> >  <<DETAIL>>  <<LOGFILE>>
> Thanks for those.
> I presume its the example login for burhanu that shows the problem? In
> that
> one, the NAS is trying to do CHAP authentication, whcih is impossible
> with the
> NT user database. I suggest you change your NAS configuration so it
> prefers to
> use PAP instead of CHAP.
        [Murat Kirmaci]  No, burnanu was not showing the problem, I was
working on a different NT server and the user burhanu was not configured
in the Radiator's NT. Our test username was "free", at first access
request from the username "free" was accepted ( because I chose the
option "bring up the terminal after the connection" at dial up
networking then at the black screen I entered the username "free" and
it's password). If you please look at the second access request from the
user "free" you see that it was rejected(it was rejected because the
terminal after the connection did not come on to screen and I used the
username and password section of the dial up networking.)

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