Why don't you take my custom-carved B17 out for a spin?  Cutting out the 
middle makes a huge difference, there's no material there to create a hump. 
 In any case, I'll have it out of service for now ( I'll be trying 
something quite different on my Rawland, an SMP Hybrid is due to arrive on 
Thursday) so it won't be a problem for me.  For that matter, I have an 
Imperial available, too.  It's not like I'm far away!  

Stockton, CA

On Sunday, October 16, 2016 at 12:42:55 PM UTC-7, Don Compton wrote:
> I've been a Rivendell fan for years having owned 4 different bikes. I used 
> B-17 saddles for years, but with wear, as the area under my sit bones would 
> settle, the hump in the saddle( running for-aft) would cause extreme 
> discomfort. I just had to give up on Brooks. I have been using a Secialized 
> Phenom for about a year, but it's not so great on longer rides like I 
> remember my Brooks in the early years of ownership. Has anyone with issues 
> similar to mine switched over to a Berthoud saddle and felt some 
> improvement?

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