It's hard to go wrong. The biggest challenge with Riv colors is choosing. I 
thought the original blue and butternut colors for the Appaloosa looked so nice 
together on the log when they first showed them. I went back and forth many 
times before landing on the "bustard". But now I have celeste Newbaums tape on 
the bars and as the chainstay protector. Shellacked it looks close to the blue, 
so I've got that combo I always liked.

With the Roadini the decision was easier. The silvery grey with the Italian 
tricolor in the decals looks pretty badass to me. The noodle handlebar that I 
have ready for it already has multiple spare colors of Newbaums on it. I think 
it will look neat and eclectic, just like me!

But really, I don't think you can go wrong with a Riv color. They have such 
good taste and really think it through. I think... :-)

Bill in Westchester, NY

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