I have both, and I agree with the Deacon.  From the standpoint of pure joy 
when riding I like the Homer more; it feels lighter and more responsive 
when riding, although it's also smooth and stable.  After my first ride on 
it I told my wife that I ever had to reduce my N to 1, the Homer is a 
strong candidate to be that one.  

Having said that, the Sam is a bit heavier-duty, which I think would suit 
you better for the type of riding you describe.  The Sam's not as zippy as 
the Homer, but it's hardly a slug.  It feels more tour-ish, but it's still 
responsive and is a smooth, comfortable ride.  As the Deacon said, both 
would fit the bill, but in my opinion the Sam would fit it a little better. 
 I've set up my Sam as a light tourer and carry loads on it, and use the 
Homer for unloaded recreational rides.  

Others have mentioned the differences in availability and cost, which you 
can evaluate easily on your own.  One other consideration I'll mention is 
that the Homer is available is more sizes, while the Sam has more limited 
selection.  I've discovered that I don't like to be on the edge of 
Rivendell's recommended range of PBH for a model; I want to be toward the 
middle.  If you're on the edge of Sam's range then I recommend a test ride 
if possible to be sure it won't feel too big or small in the available 


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