At least a year or so ago Grant did a lengthy Sam write-up on the Blug 
where he said he couldn't tell the difference between the SH and his AHH 
when he rode them.

Garth is right about fit. A bike that doesn't hit your sizing sweet spot 
can be a source of discontent. Ask me how I know!

I do have a Sam and it's a wonderfully versatile bike. I'm in the middle of 
the size range for my 51 and the fit is spot on. It's also a fantastic 
value for the money. Highly recommend it.



On Friday, August 11, 2017 at 9:39:25 PM UTC-4, Paul Choi wrote:
> I'm new to Rivendell bikes and to this forum. I'm considering a SH or AHH. 
> This would be a all-around bike that used for commuting, light touring and 
> some occasional off road riding. These bikes seem similar. 
> Can you tell me the differences of these two bikes?
> For those of you that have both - your feedback would be really 
> appreciated. 
> Paul in Santa Clara, CA.

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