Hello all,

This is kind of an interesting topic, and I think about it
sometimes . . . so I'll add some thoughts. I have 8, or so, bikes
(guess I need one more?) 6 of them don't have TCO, but my two FAVORITE
bikes do: my 63cm AHH, and my 25" Jack Taylor (which has WAY more fork
rake than the AHH.) Both of those bikes have fenders, and I might not
have TCO if I removed the fenders (which I won't.) If those were my
only bikes, I'd probably remember the TCO, and use proper low-speed
techniques to compensate. It hasn't been a huge problem: I just
occasionally graze the fenders on both, and quickly remember to adjust
myself. IF you are riding unclipped, then it's pretty easy to put a
foot down - especially with a low BB.

Bottom line: my two favorite bikes have TCO, and it's not a big deal
to me, just a minor, occasional annoyance.

FYI: my other bikes are mainly variations of mountain bikes, including
my Bike Friday with 20" wheels - no TCO there! The only sport touring
bike that I have with no TCO is a '74 Schwinn Sports Tourer, and it
has fenders too. It's a great bike, but I like the AHH and the JT
better . . .

I do understand that some may hate it - especially if you've had to
eat pavement, or something.


Alex Moll
Seattle (ish), WA

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