On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 22:32, Tim McNamara <tim...@bitstream.net> wrote:
> I think there are a number of us who want our cake and get to eat it too:
>  sporty fast geometry with 45 mm tires, full fenders and no TCO.  I'd say
> "pick two."  Some enchiladas can't be readily served whole.

What we're talking about is a matter of how much value to place on
various attributes. I understand that many of you will come to a
reasoned point of view that the drawbacks of going to a smaller wheel
size outweigh the benefits of eliminating TCO. Nearly every bike
company makes some bikes with TCO. But there are also many cyclists
who share my point of view that the benefits of the larger diameter
wheel do not outweigh the disadvantage of TCO.

Those who design bicycles would be urged to consider customers like
myself, recognize that TCO is an offense (however significant), and
deal with it proactively, either by eliminating it, or acknowledging
that it is a necessary evil (however significant) to be tolerated. I
am mildly annoyed and feel vaguely insulted by the point of view I
sometimes encounter that TCO is an imaginary problem, or that I'm some
kind of dimwit because it bothers me. There are other cyclists
(customers) like me - bike designers should be attentive to this fact.

James Black
Los Angeles, CA

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