A bit of background for you here:  Been cycling seriously since 1987.  Ever 
since disc brakes came out I thought they were just another way for the 
cycling marketers to sell more stuff....I did not buy into this 'new 
tech.'  I continued to ride a v-brake equipped bike.  We live here in dry 
Southern California, so of course the v-brakes worked brilliantly.  With 
the 'old' mountain bike looking long in the tooth, I went looking for a new 
one.  Upon examining all of the disc-brake equipped bikes, I lamented to 
the poor salesperson "why aren't there any v-brake equipped atb's out 
there??  He looked at me as if I were from Mars of course.....I finally 
broke down and bought a brand spankin' new mountain bike, equipped with XTR 
hydraulic brakes.  After riding it on my favorite off-road loop I was a 
convert.  The power and touch those brakes provide is amazing.  Sometimes 
technology is a good thing.  This past year went on the Divide and used 
disc brake equipped bikes.  25 mile long downhills could do some serious 
abrasion to rims.  The disc rotors sacrificed themselves as easily 
replaceable components.......

So, yes, I would definitely consider a disc-brake equipped Riv.

Good luck!


On Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 12:30:33 PM UTC-8, Joe Bernard wrote:
> Now that I've conjured up my future-Riv on the "what type of bike" thread 
> (full disclosure: I also sent an email to Roman @ Riv), I guess I'll 
> campaign for it on its own thread. 
> I know Grant/Riv isn't big on disc brakes, but a lot of people prefer them 
> in the dirt. I'm not sure there's much of a market for a pricier 
> fully-lugged disc Riv, but a Hunqapillar-ish semi-TIGed 650B model in the 
> Clem/Roadini price range would be the bee's pajamas. Would you buy a Riv 
> dirt bike (I'm campaigning for a small "dirt bike" decal, too) with 
> mechanical discs?
> Joe "weak hands" Bernard

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