You did what I want to do! MTN Mixte as kid carrier and rough stuff bike is 
a dream. My personal idea was to build it up with semi-modern parts. A 1x 
Shimano 11 speed kit, Paul brakes (V or Canti).

If I weren't going that that way I'd go with a White Industries 1x crank, 
Sunrace 11-42 10sp rear, Microsoft thumbie and some sort of modern-ish 
clutched shimano rear derailer. 

Good luck! I'm very jealous.

On Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 7:43:58 PM UTC-8, Drw wrote:
> Providence or bad luck had it that Rivendell would find a hidden roscoe 
> bubbe mountain mixte on the same day that i was looking for one on the 
> group, and then right after i bought it and felt like i was super 
> impulsive, they sent out the email that made me feel good about spending 
> money i dont really have today.... so i added a wheelset to the order... 
> to, you know.... keep supporting them. 
>  My main reason for looking for this type of bike is to turn it into a kid 
> carrying thing for the next 2 years.  i feel like the step thru is gonna 
> make baby mounting, stopping/starting and getting on/off feel much more 
> stable, OR i always thought these frames were badass and this feels like a 
> legitimate reason i can convince myself of. 
> Anyway, i've got a vintage trek mtb that will be donating some parts. i'd 
> like to set this up as a 1x with a big cassette, which will be a new 
> venture for me. 
> heres the list of what ive already got. in my head, i'm thinking 
> apocalypse s240 baby carriage and i'm gonna do my best to treat the bike 
> unpreciously (hopefully the lack of lugs will encourage some roughness)
> -nitto bullmoose cockpit with thumb shifters
> -riv budget 650b wheelset (alex rims and lx hubs)
> -riv stock headset, seatpost, bb
> I'm looking for recommendations on 
> -baby seats  (and/or racks that work with them if needed)
> -other kid bike things besides seats that you found useful that i dont 
> even know exist yet
> -tires
> -1x crank and other 1x things i should be considering. 
> -big cassette

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