Interesting points all, and fun to think about. the double kickstand idea 
is already reassuring.

A trailer would be hard for us to store currently, but i guess we'd find a 
way if it was significantly better. I was just trying to figure out front 
vs rear mounted seats, which is frustrating on its own. I think I'm leaning 
rear though. 

There was a guy who posted about a multi day trip he took thru joshua tree 
with his child on a hunqapillar with one of those seats. i still think 
about that and am amazed by it. 

I had an idea to turn one of those crust cargo forks into some sort of seat 
for when he gets a little older. mostly because i think that weird cargo 
fork on a lift-a-tubed step thru would make a truly insane looking bike. 

1x system will probably have to be pretty budget for the time being, though 
i'd love to get my hands on a WI crankset at some point. I just pulled the 
trigger on a 11-42 sunrace cassette. Any chainline issues i should be aware 

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