Neither an issuing body nor a host institution is a creator in RDA, so using those relationship 
designators in 110 fields is not correct.  Works are not named by combining the authorized access 
point for issuing body or host institution with the preferred title for the work.  To be a 110, the 
corporate body must be a creator.  Choose from the relationship designators for creators and if 
there isn't an appropriate one there (I think "author" is perfectly fine and allowable 
for corporate bodies and families as well as persons), then use the element name, in this case 

Adam Schiff

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Subject: Re: [RDA-L] Relationship designator for corporate creator

Pete Wilson asked:

Here's what I hope is a quick question.  Say you're cataloging an exhibition=
n catalog that is legitimately entered under corporate body--e.g., a museum=
.  The museum put on the exhibit, published the catalog and owns all the ar=
t involved.  What is the appropriate relationship designator for the 100 fo=
r the museum?

Most exhibition catalogues of a single artist are entered under artist.
We use $eartist.

In the rare instance of an exhibition catalogue entered under the
museum (which would be 110 not 100), we use $ehost institution in the
absence of anything really appropriate.  Another possibility is
$eissuing body.

We only use $eauthor for persons.  At an IFLA meet, an European
cataloguer sniffed at me and said "corporate bodies don't write books,
people do".  There is a certain truth to that.

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