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> What if you have an entity that has multiple roles, one at the creator
> level and the other at another level (e.g. author and publisher)?
> Would it be acceptable to use relationship designator for both roles in a
> 1XX, like this:
> 110 2_   Geological Survey (U.S.), $e author, $e publisher.
> Or would you have to use a 1XX and 7XX, like this:
> 110 2_   Geological Survey (U.S.), $e author
> 710 2_   Geological Survey (U.S.), $e publisher

The name access point is usually only given one time, with a chain of
designators attached to it.  So the former is the most common of those you
give above.

See Guideline #10 in the PCC Guidelines on Relationship Designators for a
summary on this for 1xx/7xx $e/$j:

Mark K. Ehlert

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