I notice that Amazon is selling RDA for Kindle @$120, which seems to be within 
the range of college textbooks these days. To quote:
" This e-book contains the 2013 Revision of RDA: Resource Description and 
Access, and includes the July 2013 Update. This e-book offers links within the 
RDA text and the capability of running rudimentary searches of RDA, but please 
note that this e-book does not have the full range of content or functionality 
provided by the subscription product RDA Toolkit." (I suppose this means there 
are no external links to AACR2 and the LC PCC Policy Statements; quoting again: 
"This e-book offers links within the RDA text and the capability of running 
rudimentary searches of RDA ..."

This, coupled with free access to the LC PCC Policy Statements and PCC 
documentation, should be enough to suit the needs of a small collection. 

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John Hostage wrote:

> I think what he meant was, what use is it to have access to the PSs if 
> you can't see the rules they annotate without paying an arm and a leg.

The way Bernhard stated it gave the implication that there was something new in 
regard to accessing LC policy.  But nothing has really changed:  access to LC 
policy was free before (under AACR2), and it is still free now (under RDA).  In 
both cases, there is also the need for separate access (not free) to the rules 
themselves.  To be sure, the difference in cost between AACR2 and RDA is quite 
substantial, and I do think it's a very regrettable situation that the ALA 
budget seems to be so dependent upon the revenue from the cataloging rules.  
Hopefully more affordable ancillary products will crop up eventually.  (And 
hopefully the economics of RDA will change--maybe what must have been horrific 
costs for the initial development of the RDA text and especially the Toolkit 
will be paid off, and substantially lower subscription prices will be able to 
support ongoing maintenance???)

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