James Weinheimer wrote:

> To be fair, the original version of FRBR came out before (or at least
> not long afterward) the huge abandonment by the public of our OPACs.
> Google had barely even begun to exist when FRBR appeared. Still, there
> could have been a chapter on the newest developments back then. But
> even
> today, nowhere in it is there the slightest mention of "keyword" or
> "relevance ranking" much less anything about Web2.0 or the semantic
> web
> or linked data or full-text or Lucene indexing (like what we see in the
> Worldcat displays). It's as if those things never happened.

There's no mention of that stuff because it is *irrelevant* to what FRBR is 
about.  It has absolutely nothing to do with what technologies or techniques 
are being used to access the data.  It's about the *data itself* that are 
objects of those keyword searches, or relevance raking, or Lucene indexing, or 
whatever other as-yet-undeveloped means of discovery there may be.  How many 
times does this have to be said?

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