> Uhm.  What you call GRIT *is* SPLIT.

Ugh, I'm an idiot.  That's what I get for trying to come up with new approaches 
on-the-keyboard.  I tried some alternative ways of combining things, kept 
fiddling, and ended up circling back :-).

That said,  I think my alternative rule for SYMBOL-at-beginning, followed by 
something, *IS* subtly different - i.e., it's ALWAYS a list, even if there's 
only one datum in the end.  Different isn't necessarily better, though. Maybe 
that handles "let" better?  At this point, I'm trying to brainstorm different 
approaches that *might* be useful, so if we come up with a few stupid ideas on 
the way to a great new one, that's fine.

> Hence my continued position: SPLIT (to support :keyword-style
> juxtaposition pairings) and ENLIST (to support (k v)-style explicit
> pairings), using two different symbols.

> You can drop ENLIST, maybe, because SPLIT-by-itself can do part of its
> work, at the cost of adding one vertical line, but ENLIST can't do
> SPLIT's work, which is to juxtapose an "indented" line (i.e. to cancel
> an indentation).

I'm convinced of the need for a SPLIT-style semantic *between* datums on a 
line, and of course we need something to handle lists of lists (e.g., GROUP, 
SPLIT symbol on its own line, whatever).   I'm not as certain of ENLIST.  I'd 
feel better trying around different ideas for a short while first.

--- David A. Wheeler

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