Thank you.

> So as everybody were busy working in that
direction, nobody worked to
> add support for more recent devices.

You say, likely there are several new phones
which have the replicant required hardware modem
isolation and therefore qualifies
for getting a replicant version?
Those phones do not get a replicant version
because of lack of money to
get replicant ported? That would be a new piece of
information for me.

> To understand better what is possible or
desirable we would need to get
> more information on the PinePhone, for instance:
> - What chip will it use for the WiFi, Bluetooth?
> - What is the modem protocol?
> - Is the bootloader fully free software for the A64?
> In u-boot, board/sunxi/README.sunxi64 has more
information about
> that but we also need to look into it.

I want to ask the pinephone team these questions
in order to
determine if the pinephone can become a replicant
phone putting the
required work, modem isolation and difficulty into the

Can you write an exhaustive list of questions
I should ask the pinephone team?  

> And as I understand, the PinePhone is not yet
released, so some things
> may change between the prototypes and the final
device. I think it's
> important for the Replicant project to review
the PinePhone once it's
> released.

I prefer if we could start now to investigate if
the pinephone is a viable candidate to get
a replicant version.

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