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> Then let us crowd fund paying the
> software programmers.

Here's the status of Replicant funds:
- We got some huge funding from Handshake through the FSF. Thanks to
  that Replicant now has about 200 000$ of funds.
- Several developers applied to get some funding through NLnet.
  We defined tasks and once the tasks are completed we are to be paid.

However the fund Nlnet got is not infinite. So once the tasks are
completed, we will define new tasks and try most probably to get some
funding for new tasks, as there is a lot to do to make Replicant
sustainable. But at some point that fund will probably run out as a lot
of other free software projects are using it as well (which is a good
thing as it could fund strategic projects for instance).

Once that runs out, remains the 200 000$. Depending the tax situation,
that money could run out pretty quickly.

At this point it might be interesting to study the various ways to do
crowd funding.

Snowdrift has a comparison of the various crowd funding options for
projects that are under a free software license but I didn't have the
time yet to study that nor the snowdrift approach to crowdfunding.


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