On Fri, 27 May 2005, Michael Kinzelbach wrote:

> The logfiles are sometimes about 2 gigabytes in a month and of course
> analog and report magic need a lot of time to produce the output.

Ive noticed on our shared server, it takes a long time for analog to run
because of DNS lookups (it uses its own lookup code rather than relaying
on an external program).

So I changed approach: now I have logresolve running nightly through
yesterday's log files for each site so analog doesn't need to do any DNS.

Report generation now is very fast!

> I am searching a way to store the nice results of report magic in files.
> But unfortenately I was not able to store them. Maybe somebody has an
> idear ...

I dont use the CGI mode. My reports are weekly. I have a script that walks
through every site that has analog config files and basically it builds a
command-line like this:

cat access-05-20-05.log access-05-21-05.log access-05-22-05.log \
    access-05-23-05.log access-05-24-05.log access-05-25-05.log \
    access-05-26-05.log access-05-27-05.log \
    | /usr/bin/analog +G -g/usr/local/etc/apache/analog/domain.com.cfg

The analog config file is set up to save output in a file called

And then the script builds the rmagic command-line and runs it:

rmagic.pl -statistics_File_In=analog.dat \
          -reports_File_Out=domain.com/stats/05-27-05/ \

(The script makes the output folder beforehand using the date as the


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