This is a good point. If you are scripting Report Magic to run reports because they take to long to do through CGI, then why script as CGI? Wouldn't it be better to make a shell script that does this and fire it from a nightly cron job or something?

Jeremy Wadsack
Seven Simple Machines

A. Khattri wrote:

On Fri, 27 May 2005, Michael Kinzelbach wrote:

The logfiles are sometimes about 2 gigabytes in a month and of course
analog and report magic need a lot of time to produce the output.

Ive noticed on our shared server, it takes a long time for analog to run
because of DNS lookups (it uses its own lookup code rather than relaying
on an external program).

So I changed approach: now I have logresolve running nightly through
yesterday's log files for each site so analog doesn't need to do any DNS.

Report generation now is very fast!

I am searching a way to store the nice results of report magic in files.
But unfortenately I was not able to store them. Maybe somebody has an
idear ...

I dont use the CGI mode. My reports are weekly. I have a script that walks
through every site that has analog config files and basically it builds a
command-line like this:

cat access-05-20-05.log access-05-21-05.log access-05-22-05.log \
   access-05-23-05.log access-05-24-05.log access-05-25-05.log \
   access-05-26-05.log access-05-27-05.log \
   | /usr/bin/analog +G -g/usr/local/etc/apache/analog/

The analog config file is set up to save output in a file called

And then the script builds the rmagic command-line and runs it: -statistics_File_In=analog.dat \ \

(The script makes the output folder beforehand using the date as the

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