The best way to go nowhere is to become mired in details. I'll get the basic thing working and then we can discuss the details via patches.

I'm 70% through the packagedirectory part.


Again - sorry :-)

You're right - having some descriptors ( in some locations that can
be guessed somehow - follow some patterns, etc ) is absolutely needed.
And a download tool should deal with the various kinds of descriptors
used by different sites and repositories. ( for mirror lists, redirects,
dependencies, etc ).

But the point of the list is to figure out a consistent way to organize
our jars - we already have "every project follow his own layout". It seems the mirroring proposal worked - and many projects were able to
follow that layout.

Right now I am thinking the best idea would be to just add a jars/ in
the current layout. Not sure who "owns" the mirroring document and how open it is to changes.


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