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Sent: Saturday, March 08, 2003 5:10 PM
Subject: Re: What does the repository enable?

> On Sat, 8 Mar 2003, Ted Leung wrote:
> > 1. Be able to download the jars that a project needs in order to get
> > 2. Be able to download the jars that a project need in order to run
> 2+. Be able to support upgrades/updates ( including checking if any fix is
> available )
> > 3. Be able to generate the correct classpath so that a project can run
> Not sure the repository can generate the classpath - the project should do
> it. The repository shouldn't make it very difficult to manage the
> classpath or impose too much pain on the projects.

I actually have some code that encodes jar dependencies in the jar manifest,
grabs the jars and builds a classpath.   It's up at
http://www.sauria.com/~twl/code/java/jardeps.jar.  I don't care if we use
the code or not -- I was just trying to see what would and would not work.


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