Ted Leung wrote:

Hi guys,

I know I'm late to the party, but...

I know that we're discussing URI format and Andy's writing code, and I have
some code as well.  One thing
that I haven't seen here is what functionality we want to enable by having a
repository.    Here are some possible

1. Be able to download the jars that a project needs in order to get built
2. Be able to download the jars that a project need in order to run
3. Be able to generate the correct classpath so that a project can run
4. Allow the repository to be transparently mirrored world wide.
5. Allow the repository to be composed of multiple pieces, much like a UNIX
filesystem allows mount'ing of filesystems.

Are there any others?   In the midst of the URI format and the XML
descriptors, I'm having trouble seeing what we are
trying to enable.



This is a top of my head list of requirements for the Apache Software Repository

   * ASF Repository shall
         o only host artifacts approved by a PMC
         o be accessible to the public via http
         o be mirrorable.
         o allow browsing and downloding of artifacts by humans via
           normal web browser
   * ASF Repository should
         o provide metadata about a project,
               + its components
               + its dependencies
               + its artifacts
               + list of version available
               + url's to find specific versions of an artifact.
         o Provide tools for the management of the project metadata
         o Allow for low cost maintance by hand without tool support.
   * ASF Repository shall not
         o Host any artifact in violation of a license, or IPR.

Wiki away and add stuff.

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