Markus M. May wrote:
I just stumbled accross this project. Since I have been working with some
other guys on another tool, which pretty much does the same stuff and this
project died :-( I am pretty interested in this project. I have been working in
the last couple of weeks on a major re-implementation of greebo

Ahhh, Greebo! :-)

I have heard of it on the Ant list, and I'm *really* happy that you are interested in joining efforts.

and I would
like to give you an idea on what we where planning. Probably this would give
you some ideas of what to implement:

Before we talk about implementation, we need to define the specs, and this list (not a "real" project, more a collaboration space) is about discussing the specifications for an Apache artifact repository.

As for implementations there are AFAIK:

 - Maven  (
 - Ruper  (
 - Greebo (

Ruper has already proposed itself to Apache quite some time ago, and all developers are now also Apache developers (on other projects) and on this list. So Ruper is also interested in moving the efforts to Apache.

Reading Dion's messages I gather that there is no particular will of Maven to participate ATM to an independent "Repo" project with active development as ATM Maven is satisfied of its current implementation. In fact it works as advertised and as it's needed by Maven, so I really can't blame them, also because they have a release to make now. I'm talking about developers that have time to collaborate now here, as Dion has showed that Maven has already code that can be used in an independent project.

Furthermore I appreciate a lot Dion's active participation on this list as it will surely bring to a single spec that all implementations can adhere to.

As Ruper and Greebo developers seem very much interested and active ATM on code, and since I think it's good for Apache to have an independent Repo project with it's own community I am thinking if it's time to propose that the Incubator starts hosting an independent code effort.

This would make it possible for Ruper and Greebo developers to participate together on the code right now, and have Maven developers participate on equal standing without constriction or time constraints, both in participation and adoption.

What do you guys think?

<snipped what="good ideas"
         discuss="by repo active developers, I just advocate"/>

I would be more then happy to contribute this to this project.

Excellent :-)

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