I just stumbled accross this project. Since I have been working with some
other guys on another tool, which pretty much does the same stuff and this
project died :-( I am pretty interested in this project. I have been working in
the last couple of weeks on a major re-implementation of greebo and I would
like to give you an idea on what we where planning. Probably this would give
you some ideas of what to implement:

- We too wanted to use VFS
- We have had some discussions about repository artifacts (in maven:
   these could be:
   - jars (obviously)
   - javadocs
   - zips / tars
   - probably even dlls??
- Versioning of the artifacts
- some configuration ideas: 
   - one general repository.xml for all projects
   - one repository.xml for a specific project
   - a artifact.xml with all dependencies for a specific project

Our design of the artifact.xml is pretty close to the design of the maven
dependencies. But there are still some possibilities for improvement. I believe
that the server should also contain some version information about all
artifacts and possibly even a file where a short description and also a 
to the project itself. 
Basically the current project can be found at greebo.sf.net. This is a very
old version and not really useful. If you would like to, I can send later
today a .zip-File with the new design of this project (renamed to RepoMan -
Repository Manager). This is basically just a design and not a real
implementation. I would be more then happy to contribute this to this project.


Marcus M. May

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