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With no responses supporting this idea, I guess I will put this idea to rest in peace ;-)

Searching is certainly on the my agenda. We need it for IDE related development, repository management, and intelligent query based artifact aquisition (and HTTP in this context is not an ideal solution).

HTTP is fine for searches

Or something.
returns some XML format or another.

Sure - and I think HTTP protocol support is fundamental. With the Avalon stuff we are using HTTP today but we making sure that the repository SPI enables selection of alternative repository protocols so that we put a lot more intelligence into the backend/client relationship. For example - things we want to be able to do is post a query and get back a serialized deployment descriptor. For these sort of applications one should look beyond HTTP.

But first the simple URL then the search interfaces.

I need to think about this - I'm not disagreeing - but I'm not sure I'm ready to agree just yet that the simple URL is the first step.


Cheers, Steve.


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