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On Nov 7, 2003, at 5:37 PM, Stephen McConnell wrote:

Searching is certainly on the my agenda. We need it for IDE related development, repository management, and intelligent query based artifact aquisition (and HTTP in this context is not an ideal solution).

But that's a layer that would sit on top of the repository, right?

I'm not convinced that this is the case. If we look at a repository - its about locating and retrieving artifacts. Within this simple object there are some implicit notions. Is the artifact unchanged?, What are the conditions associated with the artifact? What I'm getting at is that one aspect is the scheme through which an artifact is located - the aspect is information *about* the artifact.

Take for example the following:

You can express the above as:


This implies that there is a notion of meta-data down at the base level - in particular the schema through which meta-data is associated to an artifact.


Why bake it into the repository itself?

(ie, done properly, Google could be the search agent, no?)


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