Michal Maczka wrote:

IMHO "type" directory should be mandatory


We should always use:

More rules and exceptions will make entire process harder from point of view of tools.

My proposition is:

 repository-uri = access-specifier "/" product-specifier "/"

For java artifacts, artifact-specifier is:

artifact-specifier = {plural form of type} "/" artifact
type = "jar" | "war" | "rar" | "tld" | "binary" | "source"
| "license" | ...

{plural form of type} = "jars" | "wars" | "rars" | "tlds" | "binaries" | "source"
| "licenses" | ...

I'm not keen on the notion of a static type enumeration and corresponding plural form. This sort of information can be easily expressed in a meta descriptor at the level of a group - .e.g. ".group". A .group file could include the mapping of a type to its plural form within the scope of the group which would significantly improve the machine friendliness of the repository model. You can apply the same principal to distinguish and qualify other level in the repository - e.g. .type qualifying a directory as a type directory.



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