> Why "source" and not "sources"?
> Plural form of  "type" should be used consistently for naming directories.

That's a bit nit-picky.  Let's agree on the structure, and then worry about
spelling.  :-)

> I am still against versionless filenames:

Why?  KEYS, for example, need not have a version.  Probably SHOULD not have
a version, in fact.  The latest version should be used.  In most other
cases, I agree that the artifact should have a version because otherwise it
is lost when downloaded.

> For sake of consistency there should be no exceptions

I agree with the Best Practice, but I don't believe that we need a mandate.
Mandates should only be used where necessary for function/inter-operability.

> I am not sure if we need a separate directory per version.

As I mentioned a few minutes ago, a per-version directory helps to organize
the collected downloads for a particular release.  This can be very helpful
for the people NOT using an automated tool to do the download.

Mind you, my proposal carries forward the current reliance on symlinks, and
then uses it to allow multiple organizations of the same data, thus making
it easier to find and acquire what one is looking for.

        --- Noel

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