Tim Anderson wrote:

From: Stephen McConnell [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

Michal Maczka wrote:

IMHO "type" directory should be mandatory


-1 for reasons outlined previously in
http://nagoya.apache.org/eyebrowse/[EMAIL PROTECTED]&ms

You mean your example with index.html?

I am repating that for me this file is not an artifacts.

We can imagine that we will have repositories accssible via ftp:// file:// scp:// , cvs://
In such repositiries "index.html" is rather useless

My intutitive definition of artifacts is:
a) Artifact is a file which you would like to see in any of those type of repositories mentioned above
b) Artifact is a file which is in some sense intresting for computers/tools (and possibly for humans)

index.html is not such file.

So I am still +1 for directories per type


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