One of the current problems with repositories such
as is their inability
to host products which have restrictive licensing schemes.
(See for background)

E.g, ibiblio cannot host jars from Sun, because of the
requirement that users must manually accept Sun's license
before downloading the jars.

This reduces the usefulness of using the repository for
dependency resolution. 

I see several possible workarounds for this:

Virtual hosting

With this approach, none of the artifacts are hosted within the 
public repository.
http redirection is used to direct 'virtual' artifact accesses to
the real artifact.

The limitation of this approach is that automatic artifact resolution 
can only work if the redirect is to the real artifact.
This rules out all of the Sun jars which require acceptance
of Sun's license first.

A tool can 'screen scrape' the redirected page, prompt the user
to accept the license and only download if the license is accepted,
but this doesn't work in the general case.

Direct hosting
With this approach, artifacts are hosted within the public 
repository, but download is only enabled if the user agrees to the 

This implies that http redirection must be used and that tools
have to be intelligent enough to handle the redirection and prompt
the user.

The limitation of this approach is that direct hosting can only 
be supported if an agreement can be made with the license holder.


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