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Tim Anderson wrote:
A tool can 'screen scrape' the redirected page, prompt the user
to accept the license and only download if the license is accepted,

If the tool is made to work like a web browser, ie show the pages and then download when the user clicks on the button, IMHO it would be perfectly acceptable.

But still illegal.

I still don't understand why.

I mean, if:

 1-  the program opens the browser on the product download page
 2 - the user does the download steps as usual
 3 - the program gets the downloaded artifact from the local download

Why would we be breaking the license? The only difference between this approach and the usual one is that the download location is linked.

We've been down this road and are working with Sun on a solution. We have (had?) a tool that would do the above in Maven ages ago.

Yes, I'm aware of that.

See http://maven.apache.org/sun-licensing-journey.html

Very good that you have this page, thanks for the pointer.

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