Nick Chalko wrote:

Tim Anderson wrote:

For advocates of URI parsing, what problems are you trying
to solve?

   * Discovery of  "what is available"
   * Repository exploring.
   * Auto cleanup of repositories.

The URI spec is too loose.

I completely agree.

But I just want to add that all I want is either (a) a simple structural spec that does not imply more the 20 mins of concentration, or (b) something auto-explanitory ... a.k.a. server side meta (which acording to me is in scope relative to the objective of qualifying and differentiating organization, artifact, version and all of the other semantics that are currently being generalized.

Today - we are not in the 20 min spectrum.


As far as I can tell these are legal

We really need to harden the URI spec a little and the "/" is a good start.



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