Tim Anderson wrote:


We really need to harden the URI spec a little and the "/"  is a
good start.

I missed that the "jars" or type dir was required.
what about,

http://repo.apache.org/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/pgp/KEYS http://repo.apache.org/alpha/alpha/alpha/alpha/alpha/pgp/KEYS
I suppose this is the version named Alpha of the alpha/alpha project.
Or is it the alpha release of the version named alpha of the project named alpha or..

These are silly examples, but lets try to prevent at least some of them.

The above a legal for the URI Syntax proposal [1], but illegal
according to the common build version [2] and java artifact specifiers [3].
Tools based on [2] & [3] should ignore them.

Is it simply a matter of restricting organisation back to a single
path segment? This would allow product-specifier to be determined
by parsers.

Yes that is the start, make org and product un ambigous is a really good start.

Note that this was the original approach, but some people expressed a
desire to be able to break down the hierarchy using reverse-FQDNs.

I still think reverse-FQDN is a good idea but for parsability I would use . not /

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