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We really need to harden the URI spec a little and the "/"  is a
good start.

I missed that the "jars" or type dir was required.
what about,

I suppose this is the version named Alpha of the alpha/alpha project.
Or is it the alpha release of the version named alpha of the
project named alpha or..

These are silly examples, but lets try to prevent at least some of them.

OK. If the organisation is limited back to a single path segment, and assuming the repository is rooted at http://repo.apache.org, then the above would be invalid as the: . first 2 path segments are the organisation and project . 3rd path segment is the version (limited to 1 segment as it doesn't meet the criteria for interim builds [1]) . last 2 path segments are the key-artifact artifact-specifier [2]

So above would be http://repo.apache.org/alpha.alpha/alpha.alpha/alpha/pgp/KEYS
is valid, still silly but easy to tell the org, product and version.


[2] Not in wiki yet:
http://nagoya.apache.org/eyebrowse/[EMAIL PROTECTED]&ms

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