On 2008-04-12 22:42:22 +0200, Martin Aspeli 

> Reinout van Rees wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> One thing that's not clear to me: how to keep certain pages out of
>> deliverance's hands? The zmi pages (/manage, /manage_main, etc.) are the
>> ones I'm most interested in at the moment.
>> If I tickle my brain I come up with some irc messages and some emails,
>> but I'm missing the bigger picture, especially after the latest changes.
>> Can someone give me a quick pointer?
> I use a paste composite app where / is a pipeline with deliverance in it
> and /admin is a pipeline with plain repoze. It's not perfect for all use
> cases, but pretty easy to set up.
> I'd like the repoze app to be on /, but have some declarative
> configuration to say e.g.
> deliverance.ignore = /manage/.*
> deliverance.ignore = /foo.*
> i.e. a regular expression based thing where deliverance would be told to
> ignore certain incoming url patterns.

that sounds like something i'd like to have in the webserver config, 
i.e. apache or nginx where i would set some sort of headers (just like 
in the vhm example)

i'm new to this, but my gut feeling would be to keep all this sort of 
fancy, regex-based rewriting stuff in one place (i.e. the webserver 
config) and to use 'straightforward' tests for defined flags or headers 
within the wsgi pipeline.

just my $0.02,


> Martin

Tom Lazar

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