There is a bug in tg2 about script_name and repoze.who. There is also
a patch to fix the way urls are defined in repoze.who, namely make
sure script_name is added in front of any url.

1. http://www.wsgi.org/wsgi/Specifications/routing_args
see script_name.

2. This is the bug:

3. This is a patch

Can we make this a priority? I've bothered Gustavo already for about a
month, but now that we have a patch its just a matter of getting the
patch applied. I'm ready to play around with the tg2 but because
tg2/repoze.who is not using urls with script_name prefixed it is hard
to move on to the next step when applicaiton is broken from the
default template.

When urls are encoded properly in repoze.who, then tg2 login/logout
will be redirected properly, and I can move onto the next iteam on my
list namly openid and repoze, and ldap, samba, and repoze, etc..

I would appreciate if this could be fixed really soon.


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