On Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 9:22 AM, Gustavo Narea <m...@gustavonarea.net> wrote:
> Hello,
> On Friday February 6, 2009 15:47:28 Chris McDonough wrote:
>> Gustavo, don't you have a redirecting form plugin that already does this?
> Yes, I think it's the one he's using.
> It takes the SCRIPT_PATH into account when redirecting to the post-
> login/logout pages, thanks to the ._get_full_path() method:
> http://repoze.org/viewcvs/repoze.what/plugins/quickstart/trunk/repoze/what/plugins/quickstart.py?rev=3497&view=markup
> However, the redirection to the login handler (performed by
> RedirectingFormPlugin), the SCRIPT_PATH is not taken into account because of
> the bug in RFP.
> Lukasz, if you're using repoze.who with the patch I uploaded, it should work
> because both the RedirectingFormPlugin and the FriendlyRedirectingForm plugins
> will be aware of the SCRIPT_PATH. The problem you describe is with the patch
> applied or without it?
>> Apologies, Gustavo has mentioned this patch to me, and I've been trying to
>> review this work, but I've been out of pocket on customer projects for the
>> last two weeks.
>> In the meantime this is a plugin to repoze.who, so even if Gustavo hasn't
>> already forked off a patched version, you can plug in a patched version
>> using the diff and use it.  The patch break tests, so I'll need to
>> investigate, but you can certainly use a patched plugin as necessary.
> The patch I sent to you makes RFP aware of the script path but breaks one of
> the tests that I added, since I didn't include the ._get_full_path() method.
> But the patch linked to by Lukasz includes it.
> Chris, I can merge the FriendlyRedirectingFormPlugin into
> RedirectingFormPlugin (keeping backwards compatibility) and send you a new
> patch (including the new tests; with all of them passing), if this can help
> getting the fix applied sooner.

This would be great. The sooner we can get all parts in and pass all
tests then hopefully new version could come out on Monday.

Thanks a lot,

> Cheers!
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