I realize this documentation[1] is still in progress; yet, here are
some comments, posted to the list to maybe encourage some kind of
debate (since it's likely that there will be several consumers of this
package in repoze.* in the future:

I find the introduction lacking; why do I care about indirection,
what's the benefit.

Next, I can't read through the documentation if it's going to be all
"a" and "somecomponent"; can we have some kind of context, e.g. a
story-line or some likely scenario. This would help a lot in
motivating the package in the first place, too.

  Instead, components (such as “adapters” and “utilities”) are
registered using marker “component types”

This is a cool feature and it should probably be mentioned upfront
(e.g. not in the last section of the documentation); because afterall,
you can program more strictly by adapting to marker-objects.


[1] http://docs.repoze.org/plugin/
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