2009/4/27 Tres Seaver <tsea...@palladion.com>:
> I can't see much reason for us to try to share code with people who
> won't even attempt a rational evaluation of the candidate.  -1 to
> bikeshedding this thing further;  +1 to an 'svn rm'.

I think the primary reason why people shy away from ``zope.component``
is that it's abused too often; it's hard to see that it's really quite
simple when some users are multi-adapting four ways to look up a
viewlet which happens to rely on twenty other lookups to render

Perhaps if campaigned a bit on the grounds of the relative ease-of-use
of the ZCA, we wouldn't have to dumb it down to the level of
``repoze.plugin`` (no offense) in order to get adoption outside of

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