Reed O'Brien wrote:

> I think this and Chris Rossi's:
> from webob import Response
> def hello_world_view(context, request):
>      return Response("Hello world!")
> promote bad code/markup mingling practices.
> I am all about minimalism and modularity, but don't remove the roof  
> because there is more than one material to use for it.

FWIW, I find it very irritating to work with frameworks that are so 
"agnostic" that I have to do the hard work of integrating stuff myself.

I've never once written a web app that didn't need templating, because 
I've never written one that only responds with text/plain and writing 
HTML with print or string manipulation is just lame.

Template language pluggability is a good design principle, but anyone 
who doesn't have a strong predisposition towards a particular language 
is going to stick with the default and be grateful to not have to worry 
about finding the right plugin and configuring it correctly.

It also makes documentation harder to write and follow when these things 
have to be explained as variables.


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