Just a couple of comments on your bigger picture questions:

> #1 does bfg provide machinery for registering components or is that
> functionality specific to big daddy zope? I assume the answer is yes,
> augmented  with "it depends". I realize that bfg is meant to isolate you
> from the zca, but darn it I think it's cool and I want to understand how
> it's used. The above referenced book doesn't have any obvious section that
> details how this works, at least not that I've found, so if anyone knows of
> an online resource on how this works. I'd appreciate knowing about it.

BFG is not meant to isolate you from the ZCA, it just doesn't force
you to use it.
If you are using zope.component, zope.interface and zope.schema, you can perform
whatever registrations you want in BFG. This *is* the ZCA. Formlib is
just a library
that uses it.

You may probably find this useful:


> #2 is the fact that an easy_install off zope.formlib results in no out of
> the box zcml file to include (as far as I can tell) a result of these
> particular zope libs not being refactored to be more standalone-ish? If so,
> what would generally be the process of making it more standalone-ish. Would
> it just be coming up with some configure.zcml to deploy with the package?

Many zope libraries can be used easily in BFG. In the case of formlib, the
library itself is too tied to the 'zope as application' side of
things. For example,
widgets are adapters for the schema field and the zope request, but since BFG
uses the WebOb request, you just won't be able to use it, no matter if you
include the correct .zcml file (which actually was at
zope.app.from.browser). The
sad truth is zope is very componentized, but many components expect that a
zope developer will use all of them anyway.

I hope this does not result in still more confusion for you.

Carlos de la Guardia
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