> Hey Martin, 
> I was kind of expecting that the book would have some gaps as far as
> bfg goes. I was hoping that going through the exercise of struggling
> through those gaps would help me arrive at a better understanding of
> all things zope(a lofty goal I'm sure).  
> thanks so much for the info. I'll check out z3c.form. 
> But if I understand what you are saying about the request needing to
> be marked with the IFormLayer interface, I would assume an adapter
> could be configured to provide that. I'll try that first anyway. 

Martin probably won't toot his own horn, but I actually found the zope
chapters in his book very helpful for understanding the zca and while
there is a lot of stuff that is different, my understanding of what I
can do with bfg and how to use other zope bits has been greatly improved
by reading both Phillips book and Martin's 'Professional Plone
Development.' The chapter on Zope foundations and the ZCA is especially


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