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Chris McDonough wrote:
> Form generation libraries that contain validation are very tough to 
> generalize 
> in a way that lends itself to framework convenience.  I think Formish does a 
> pretty good job here, because it physically separates out a lot of stuff 
> that's 
> all glommed together in other system (and thus there's schemish, validatish, 
> convertish, and even 'dottedish').  It's shows maturity in design.

ish :p

> But at its very outer layer it *does* depend on the request having a 
> particular 
> API (the WebOb API).  But so does BFG, so this works out pretty well.

Right, and that's probably a good thing. It's really hard to abstract 
away from something as fundamental as the request in a meaningful way. 
WebOb serves an important role here in being a cross-framework 

> I suspect it will be a bit of a project to use anything that depends on a 
> particular request API but doesn't depend on the WebOb API.

Yeah. You'd probably need to write an adapter to the Zope 
IBrowserRequest interface or something like that, and hook in the code 
to actually look up the adapter prior to anything "formish" happening in 
z3c.form (or zope.formlib).

> So I have the beginnings of BFG-ish bindings for Formish here (unfinished and 
> very unstable; the docs are currently total bollocks and don't match the 
> implementation):
> http://svn.repoze.org/repoze.bfg.formish/trunk/
> I hope to have a release of this out within the next few weeks.

Sounds great! From a quick scan, formish looks like a good form 
implementation for WebOb based frameworks. And ironically, I say that 
because it looks a bit like z3c.form. ;-)


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