Bonnie Corwin wrote:
> On 05/ 5/09 05:18 AM, ????? ???????????? wrote:
>> When was the sponsor program created? How does this number compare to
>> the number of contributions to other operating systems like Linux and
>> FreeBSD?
> I don't know how the number compares because we've been focused on
> better enabling contributions here. 

I don't think you can directly compare to FreeBSD or Linux, since there
is no FreeBSD, Inc. or Linux, Inc. that's in the process of transitioning
a closed/firewalled development model to an open one, with a process for
helping non-employees get contributions in while the transition is going on.

I'm not sure there is any similar project to compare to - perhaps Apple
with their Darwin open source core to MacOS X is the closest I can think of.

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