> Doug Scott wrote:
 The appropriate ioctl
> KBD_CMD_BELL and KBD_CMD_NOBELL are already in
> sys/kbd.h.
> Those ioctls don't make it so the bell doesn't sound
> in the future - they
> are used for sounding the bell.   In the X server, to
> make a 100ms beep,
> we do:
>       kbdCmd = KBD_CMD_BELL;
>       ioctl(fd, KIOCCMD, &kbdCmd)
>       sleep for 100ms
>       kbdCmd = KBD_CMD_NOBELL;
>       ioctl(fd, KIOCCMD, &kbdCmd)
> You'ld need to add new ones to make a keyboard bell
> disabling command.
Ah, this would confirm my testing issues so far. My confusion comes from the 
wording (below) in the file 
Looks ioctls commands like KBD_CMD_BELL_ENABLE and KBD_CMD_BELL_DISABLE are 


                 *      3.1) for KBD_CMD_NOBELL
   1262                  *              there's no beep in USB and PS2 keyboard,
   1263                  *              this ioctl actually disables the beep on
   1264                  *              system mainboard. Note that all the 
   1265                  *              messages sent down to lower queues do 
   1266                  *              same job for system mainboard. 
   1267                  *              even if we fail to send this ioctl to 
   1268                  *              of lower queues, the beep still would be
   1269                  *              disabled. So, no trouble exists here.
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