I have noticed, a few posts asking how to disable the console beep/bell on some 
laptops. While it is possible to disable some applications such as bash, and 
gnome, you should be able to disable it globally with the kdb command or in 
/etc/default/kbd. This can already be done for the keyboard click, and should 
be extended to the console bell.

The changes are relatively simple, as adding an option (-b on|off) and code 
similar to keyclick in /usr/src/cmd/kbd/kbd.c. The appropriate ioctl 
KBD_CMD_BELL and KBD_CMD_NOBELL are already in sys/kbd.h.

Possibly changes may need to made to /usr/src/uts/intel/io/beeper.c (and code 
for other platforms).

P.S. It has annoyed me enought to something about it :)
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