Very timely question for me.  I've posted my failed attempts to build
mod_caucho with no solution in sight.  Because of this I'm evaluating
dropping Apache for Resin, moving some Apache services to Resin, or
dropping Resin for Tomcat.

I'm just beginning to go through Resin docs to see if/how some or all
of these roles Apache can be done (living on port 80 with Apache,
vanity urls, rewrites, reverse proxy to a tomcat app, load balancing
etc.  We run multiple resin instances so I like the idea of
modularizing each instance and removing a layer if I can.

At the moment I am focusing on moving rewrites to Resin to avoid my
current issue of a broken proxypassmatch.  With the high number of
regex rewrites moved to Resin, I can get away with a simple ProxyPass
and ProxyPassReverse in Apache.  This would make me happy.

So ya, the short answer is moving out of Apache for my Resin apps is
appealing.  Need to learn how, find out what the transfer breaks, and
benchmark performance to know we've done no harm.

Hopefully this discussion will continue.

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