If you have the money, you can alleviate that at another OSI level.

Ronan Lucio wrote:
>>> there's more than one reason. Serving different sites/services on  
>>> the same
>>> server, not all can be served by resin for various reasons:
>> These are the typical reasons.  If you're running a specific Apache  
>> module (like mod_perl) or running several different kinds of backends,  
>> or prefer the logging, or mod_rewrite works better for you than  
>> Resin's rewrite-dispatch, then Apache can be a good choice.
> I didn't hear anybody talking about mod_evasive.
> How do you care about DoS attacks?
> Of course mod_evasive isn't a solution for that, but it helps a 
> little. Helps to identify a suspicious attack when you see one or more 
> IPs sending a huge amount of requests.
> Ronan 

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