Hi all,

Looking at the source (and trying it out from my own build) it seems
like it integrates into eclipse's wst tools. This means you can build
a "dynamic web" application and "resin X.x" (3.x/4.0 hot
deploy/in-place) runtime (in eclipse) that can be
deployed/run/debug/profiles within eclipse. The resin runtime objects
(using wst and the eclipse framework) mean that you don't need to
setup "launch/debug/etc" configurations using general java app
settings (like class/classpath/jvmargs) and can just use the ones
defined for resin X.x. Oh, and I think this also means you can target
one of these runtimes without having to manually setup the libs/deps.

I'm not sure if there is much more in there; that is all I saw when
playing with it.

There were no project or class helpers that I saw, but that would be nice too.

Being able to create resin "Resin Project","Resource", "Persistence
(JPA)", "Entity", "Service", "Queue", and so on would be great. Also,
having completion and validation help with the
resin.xml/resin-web.xml/beans.xml files would be great. It nice to
know when you have a configuration/code errors before you try to

On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 10:20 AM, Aaron Freeman
<aaron.free...@layerz.com> wrote:
> Emil,
> What does the plug-in provide to us that setting up as a general
> application doesn't?  I haven't tried the plug-in so I am not aware of
> what it does?
> Thanks,
> Aaron
>> Hi Scott,
>> The Eclipse update site isn't up just yet, but will be with the new
>> release, due out this week or early next.
>> Emil
>> On Sun, Apr 12, 2009 at 09:42:24PM -0700, Scott Hernandez wrote:
>>> I noticed there is an eclipse plugin in the svn tree
>>> (artifacts/eclipse) that has seen some recent checkins. The build
>>> instructions seem pretty straight forward and end with directions to
>>> post the update-site at http://caucho.com/eclipse. When I point the
>>> eclipse updates to that address there is nothing. Is this something I
>>> can build from source? Will it be hosted there sometime soon? Is the
>>> plugin in usable form?
>>> Oh, and what do people use for an IDE btw?
>>> Thanks in advance,
>>> Scott

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